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Handcrafted, fresh to order, ready to cook, never frozen, all lump crab meat. Our recipe has traditional Maryland ingredients as well as our own proprietary seasonings. We ship fresh so you can cook and experience them right away. The perfect gift to share with your friends and family.

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Chef Michael grew up crabbing on his grandfather’s [Alfred Billman] boat, “the Periwinkle” which was kept at Raleigh’s Marina in Middle River. A day on the Chesapeake Bay meant learning the right way to bait and set the crab pots in the early morning hours. As the crab pots filled, Michael and his grandfather would spend the day fishing in the Chesapeake waiting in anticipation of the crabs they would soon bring home.  After pulling in their bounty, the two would head back to the homestead to start the seasoning and steaming process. Waiting for the transformation from brilliant blue to fiery red the crabs were ready to pick. Learning the art of picking to capture all the delicate sweet meat meant nothing went to waste. After the family crab feast, the picking continued for the next day’s crab cakes and soup. Today, Chef Matassa carries on these deep-rooted traditions.
This is why We Don’t Cook We Create!

  • Suzanne Spack - "I had the opportunity to enjoy a shipment from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes and they were unbelievable!! I will definitely order them again for home, family & friends! Absolutely delicious and worth the spend!"

  • Chris Wingerd - "Great Crab Cakes"

  • Donna Hamilton - "These crab cakes are the bomb. Super lump crab....bare minimum filler, perfect amount of spice! In a word perfect. And they have gluten free ones as well! Can’t wait to try the cream of crab soup!"

  • Paulie DiMeo - "The cakes came via overnight shipping and were each sealed in their own container with clear baking instructions. Through the container you could see the large back fin chunks of crab. Lots of it. You wonder what is holding them together? Seasoned to perfection . This is my #1 crab cake of all time. More please !!! Thank you Michael!!!

  • Paula Lanier - "I was happy to receive a touch of summer when the crab cakes arrived. Perfectly packed with cold gel packs, each container has 8 oz of fresh, never frozen, chunks of crab from Chef Michael Matassa's kitchen at Alchemy Elements. All you taste is crab. It's not breaded like other places. This is the REAL DEAL straight to your door."

  • Sue Sherer Rice - "Anything with crab is excellent there!"

  • Sandra Bowman - "some of the best crabcakes I've ever had!"

  • Maria Myers - "I am hooked. I love them! They have lots of pieces of jumbo lump crab and are absolutely delicious. I'll continue to order them and thrilled to be able to order online."

  • Todd Collins - "Amazing Seafood by an amazing chef! Thank the lord Mike has made his cuisine available to everyone nationwide!"

  • Erica Michelle - "Best crab cakes I’ve ever had!!"

  • Chef Douglas Michael - "if it's made by Chef Mike, they have to be awesome"

  • Wayne Andrews - "Outstanding Crab Cakes !!"

  • Lisa Patrick - "Love them !!! All lump crab meat , they are the best crab cakes I have ever eaten!"

  • Jeff Dean - "One word... FANTASTIC! I’ve ordered crab cakes from other online vendors before, but Eastern Shore Crab Cakes are by far the best I’ve tasted and truly capture the authentic flavor I remember from growing up in Maryland. Can’t wait to try their crab soup and crab dip with my next order!"

  • Ann J Reier - "I have known Chef Matassa for a long time as he has always had a passion for excellence and perfection. He shares this with us in his Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Crab Cakes. They are nothing less than perfection! Being from Md., myself my mouth waters just looking at them, they are delicious! Thanks Mike!"

  • Angie Bowers - "How many ways can you say YUM? All lump ... all delicious! Being a MD girl, I’m a tough critic on all things seafood. These are amazing! Michael is the absolute best - hands down. Ever. He puts his heart and soul into his food and you can tell the difference."

  • Cassandra Ciesla - "These crab cakes are the very best!!! Lump crab, minimal filler IF any! I love crab cakes and enjoyed many but none beat these! They are amazing!!"

  • Gigi Blair Harker - "I live in Florida and miss my Maryland crab cakes. What a great place to order from. These are true Maryland style lump crab! Thank for making them available to us Marylander's that have migrated away."

  • Zach Mohr - "Best ingredients, great family owned staff."

  • Casey Patchell - "One of the best chefs in the business!!"

  • Kelly Dunston - "Not being a native of Maryland I couldn’t understand all the fuss about crab cakes. Then I had these crab cakes! Call me converted. All of the food is exceptional. If you are looking for the best crab cakes, crab dip and crab soup in Maryland look no further."

  • Roni Royston - "Best crab cakes that I have had in a long time!!"

  • Hannah Hall - "These crab cakes are the best I've ever had! I highly recommend anyone to get them! They are amazing and couldn’t be any better!!"

  • Heather Jackman - "I used to work at Alchemy Elements, and these crab cakes are the real deal! You won’t be disappointed"

  • Robert MacKnew - "Now the best crab cakes and more in MD, IMHO, delivered right to your door. It doesn't get any better than this! If you haven't had Alchemy Elements delicious creations, you truly are missing out!"

  • Joe Deck - "Best crab cakes in Maryland!"

  • Debbie Holter - "These all lump crab cakes are the BEST! Alchemy Elements’ perfection is now delivered to your home. Thank you, Chef Mike!"

  • Mark Van Baalen - "Always the best crab cakes and top quality"

  • Alli Glensor - "Exceptional!!!! Love the crab cakes!!"

  • Kelli Plummer - "You can now enjoy the artisan taste of Alchemy Elements online through Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, offering their savory lump crab cakes that are "everything Maryland", along with their crab soup and crab amazing assortment of seafood delivered right to your door and nationwide!"

  • Tam May - "The BEST MD crab cakes!! Can't wait to share with my friends in Florida in a few weeks and send to my brothers out west for Christmas!!"

  • Drew Buttler - "They are fresh and delicious! 10 out of 10"

  • John Johnson - "High quality from a family owned business!"

  • Claire Johnson - "Great Crab Cakes, soup and Crab Dip! You will not be disappointed!!"

  • Dave Diamond - "The quality and love that goes into the cooking."

  • Jack Carver - "Great food and great people!"

  • Syd Gettier - "I have known the owners for years and I can confidently say that I know no one who cares more about delicious and quality food than they do. I highly recommend Eastern Shore Crab Cakes."

  • Christy Somner - "These are the best crab cakes ever!!!!! And I’m eating them in Arizona! I absolutely love crab cakes and these are by far the best I’ve had....Had them shipped fresh overnight."

  • Ellen Bareford - "These are hands down the best crab cakes and crab soup I have ever eaten! Chef Michael Matassa is an experienced chef and restaurant owner. You can't go wrong ordering his food products. There are several people on my holiday list that will be completely surprised and thrilled when they receive their Maryland lump crab cakes direct to their door!

  • Douglas Oakley - "Off the charts crab cakes! Highly recommend!"

  • Rob Palen - "These crab cakes are of the finest quality and ingredients. By far superior lumps and flavor that of the Chesapeake bay and all that it offers. Can’t beat the price point."


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