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5 Ways to Eat Leftover Crab

5 Ways to Eat Leftover Crab

Crab is a delicious menu item whether at a party or at home. Here’s what to do with the leftovers when the party is over.

Summer is a great time to get together with friends, neighbors, and family members for a good meal. In Maryland, what better way to make the festivities extra special than to include crab meat in the menu? Eastern Shore Crab Cakes can deliver fresh, prepared crab cake meat and crab dip (besides delicious crab soup and bisque) to your door. Just follow the instructions and you’ll get heavenly results. If you do order, it will be a surprise if you have leftovers. But just in case, here’s what you can do with your leftover crab meat.

Top a Salad

One decent food pairing for crab meat is a fresh salad. Whether beside or on top, crab cake meat complements fresh vegetables well with its distinct, sweet and savory taste. It may go better with the salad if it is served chilled.

Stuff Mushrooms

Leftover crab meat is a viable stuffing option for mushrooms. Together with shredded parmesan cheese or cream cheese and breadcrumbs, whipping up a side of crab-stuffed mushrooms is easy to accomplish and so delicious to eat.

Mix into Pasta or Mac n Cheese

Simple enough, mixing leftover crab into your pasta dish is another easy way to incorporate the meat into a dish. You could do either a linguine-style, with garlic, butter, and maybe white wine, or a tomato-based style of pasta. Another option is one type of Maryland-specific comfort food, crab mac n cheese. Maybe add a little beer into the recipe, and you can have beer-and-crab macaroni.

Make a Crab Roll

For a more bread-specific option, one could bake some crab rolls for a healthy and indulgent snack or appetizer. It would look like a miniature crab meat pie. Or else, create the crab version of the lobster roll. 

“Crab roll” can also refer to a type of sushi. With the rising market and interest in all things Japanese, it is not too difficult to create your own homemade crab sushi. You can complete it with a little soy sauce, ginger, and wasabi, if you’re into spicy things. 

Layer into a Sandwich

Crab meat, whether leftover or not, is a fantastic way of making a sandwich better. One can create a crab salad sandwich with celery, onion, and mayonnaise. You could spread this or just the leftover crab cake meat you have onto a sandwich with chicken, cheese, tomato, and lettuce. Just make sure your other ingredients do not overpower the gentler flavor of the crab.

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