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All You Need for Crab & Pumpkin Soup


All You Need for Crab & Pumpkin Soup

With the basics of crab & pumpkin soup, you can make your fall that much more scrumptious!

Fall has arrived! In Maryland, the weather is still quite warm in this latter part of September, yet the trees are already hinting at the signs of change. While the warm, bright colors of fall slowly start to emerge, and as the weather grows ever colder, it’s time to turn our attention to some classic Maryland fall recipes. Maryland is well-known for its quintessential blue crab, which comes in many forms, from crab cakes, to crab soups, to divine crab dips. Why not incorporate this sweet meat into our autumnal dishes as well? Here’s all you need to know to make a tasty crab & pumpkin soup.

Crab & Pumpkin Soup

With Crab and Pumpkin soup, you will need to take more or less three main steps to create a smooth, creamy soup. Feel free to vary your recipe according to your tastes. Whatever your preferences, you will need the minimum ingredients:

  • A baking pumpkin, or canned pumpkin and accompanying spices
  • Vegetable, seafood, or chicken stock
  • Heavy cream or half and half
  • Garlic and onions
  • Lump crab meat and chives

Step 1: The Pumpkin

First, if you have purchased a baking pumpkin, you will need to quarter it, drizzle it in oil, top with sweet or savory spices, and cover it in aluminum foil to bake. The spices can be either a sweet mixture of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves or a more savory taste with thyme and cayenne pepper, as the recipe instructs. Once the pumpkin becomes warm and soft, you can scoop out the meat and set aside.

Step 2: The Soup

The second step is to prepare the soup. Cook your diced garlic and onions with some oil in a large stockpot, then add the broth, the cream, and the pumpkin. If you would like to add other vegetables into the mix, like diced potatoes, leeks, squash, or celery, now is the time to do so. After cooking, put the soup through a blender, return to the pot, and keep warm. 

Step 3: The Crab Meat

Now we reach the third step: preparing the crab meat. In a pan, heat up the crab meat with some butter. You can add salt and pepper, but Eastern Shore Crab Cakes’ crab cake mix comes pre-seasoned to perfection, so adding extra seasonings will be unnecessary. Once you have ladled out your pumpkin soup into serving bowls, spoon out a generous dollop of the buttery crab meat into the bowl and sprinkle with chives.  

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