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Best Time to Eat Crabs

Best Time to Eat Crabs

Is there a best time to eat crabs? Perhaps the lore can tell.

As you may already know, Chef Mike Matassa’s Eastern Shore crab cakes are always fresh and never frozen. His crab cakes, crab dip, crab bisque, and crab soup are made with the best of fresh ingredients. Although any time of year is a great time to hunker down and eat crabs, there is a debate on whether or not there is a best time to eat crabs. Below, we’ll look at the case.

What’s So Great About Crabs?

Crabs, in particular, the Maryland blue crab, is arguably the best kind of crab in the world. You don’t have to be from Maryland to decide that blue crabs have the best combination of delicateness, sweetness, and savoriness. Blue crabs are also highly nutritious, carrying more protein than other kinds of crab meat as well as many other vitamins and nutrients. Seasoned to perfection and washed down with a Natty Bo, or paired with the perfect side dishes and a glass of wine, blue crabs are an exquisite, traditional Maryland food.

The Best Season Is the Fall

There is no scientific study to support the opinion that crabs are best eaten in the fall, but enough people have noticed the benefits: sweeter, meatier crabs. This is likely due to the fact that winter is on the way, and the crabs are fattening up for the season. It is also known that shellfish like oysters and clams are better for eating in colder waters, so the colder air of fall may also play a role in the quality of the blue crab meat. If anything, the price of crabs after Labor Day may have a tendency to be less than at the start of the season in April.

The Best Time Is During the Full Moon

This is an even lesser-known idea. One reason that crabs may be better when caught during a full moon is that they may be more likely to molt during this time, resulting in a soft crab. Soft-shelled crabs are just as prized as hard-shelled crabs, can be easier to catch, and are, of course, delicious. Other reasons that crabs may be best for eating at this time of the lunar cycle is that they feed more and mate more. Some will say that these statements are true, while others are not sure. Whatever the lore may be, try for yourself and taste the results!

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