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Best Way to Celebrate Labor Day

Best Way to Celebrate Labor Day

Celebrate this well-deserved holiday in the best way possible!

Labor Day is an international holiday that honors workers and laborers, and in the US it is celebrated on the first Monday in September. It also makes it the unofficial last day of summer, with many school districts returning from summer break the following day. Because of this, it can seem like a bittersweet holiday, signifying the end of relaxing summer days and a return to the bustle of the school year. This year, read up on a little history of the holiday and settle in for a great celebration as you say farewell to summer.

History Of The Holiday

It might be hard to believe that there was a time in this country when workers were not protected on the job by federal laws. In the 18th and 19th centuries, conditions for workers in factories and mines were not great. In some states in the US, children as young as five years old were working in factories, and conditions for all workers were dangerous. The labor movement began as a way to give workers rights, such as a limitation on how long a workday should be, and a way to fight for safe working conditions and fair wages. Labor Day was proposed as a US holiday after labor leaders saw the workers and laborers honored in Canada with a holiday. The first official labor day parade was held in New York on September 5th, 1882.

How To Celebrate Labor Day

While there is no wrong way to celebrate Labor Day, there are some US traditions associated with the holiday. As mentioned above, it is the unofficial last day of summer, so many people celebrate with parties that include summer-favorite activities like barbecuing and swimming. Since it is a federal holiday, all government offices and schools are closed, and many areas have parades and firework displays. Additionally, since it signifies the end of summer, Labor Day is also often the last day of summer festivals and fairs, including the State Fair in Maryland. Speaking of Maryland, no summer event is complete without crabs, and Labor Day is no exception. There is no better way to end summer than with our most iconic food, crabs, either steamed or as delicious crab cakes.

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