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Crab Meat Makes Healthy Eats

Crab Meat Makes Healthy Eats

Can crab cakes really be good for you? See how this delicacy is a load of health.

Crab meat in many forms such as crab cake, crab dip, and crab soup are some of the luxuriously delicious crab products on Eastern Shore Crab Cake’s menu. With quality crab meat this good, you’d wonder how something so tasty could also be healthy for you. Crab meat is indeed healthy, packed full with powerful nutrients for powerful health.

Bone Health

Calcium and phosphorus go hand-in-hand when it comes to promoting your bone health. Crab meat contains both. This dynamic duo is sure to encourage and strengthen bone density. Phosphorus encourages the body to build up bone, while calcium becomes the building block to strengthen your structure.


Crab is a package of various vitamins including vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A assists with eye health and eye protection, while vitamin C has many benefits of its own. Crab meat is also rich in vitamin 12, which works to bring about clear and healthy skin. Vitamin 12 can even help heal wounds, repair any damage done to internal organs, and prevent infection.

Most famously, crab meat contains much Riboflavin, or vitamin B2. This vitamin is a multi-tasker, producing steroids and red blood cells, encouraging normal growth, and assisting the functions of skin, eyes, and the nervous system. Riboflavin also assists with energy production, supplementing when our energy gets low.

Brain Health

Omega 3 acids, protein, and zinc team up within the properties of crab meat to help your brain work well. With a rallying cry, these nutrients will help your cognition and concentration to run in tip-top shape!

Heart Health

Crab meat is wonderful for the cardiovascular system as well. Crab meat is strikingly low in saturated fat, having the lowest amount of fat compared to beef, pork, and chicken. It is plentiful, however, with selenium and copper, which help to control cholesterol levels.


Once again, Omega 3 acids and protein partner up through crab’s meat to fight for your body. This time, the third team member is selenium. These three together combat bacteria, free radicals, and cancerous cells.


This blog post only covers a few of the benefits crab meat has on one’s health. Crab is a surprisingly nutritious food, and blue crab meat is said to be even healthier than other crab meats for its high protein level. In sum, the next time you order your crab from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, remember how healthful this seafood is, no matter how delicious!

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