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Enjoy Eastern Shore Crab Cakes as a Corporate Gift

Crab cake

Are you the boss and are thinking about giving your employees a better corporate gift than a mug? Cater or gift our best crab cakes and other crab dishes.

Do you own a business and every year you get your employees a gift for their birthday or a major holiday like Christmas? Break the monotony of giving them a coffee mug or a sweater with your company’s name on it and give them the gift of Eastern Shore Crab Cakes. With our fresh, never frozen crab meat and other delectable crab dishes you will be seen as the best boss ever. In this post, we will go over a few ideas of corporate gifts you can give your employees on their birthday or the holiday season in the future.  

E-Gift Cards

Giving your employees the chance to try our crab cakes is a great gift no matter the occasion. Gifting them an E-Gift card to experience our fresh never frozen crab meat and other crab dishes will not only bring joy to them but to their family as well. Your employees will be able to order any of our crab cakes, crab dip or crab soups for any other their family get together or celebrations.  

Give Crab Cakes

To separate yourself from other bosses instead of gifting your employees a mug, pens, or a sweatshirt with the company logo on it how about you order some crab cakes to be catered for a company luncheon. When delivered to your place of business each employee will have their own 8oz fresh never frozen crab cake that is packed with flavor and lumps of crab meat. Hosting this luncheon is better than any mug you normally give to your employees. This will give you a lot of respect from your employees for treating them to such a delicious meal.


If you’ve decided to hold a luncheon as your corporate gift to your employees why not get our delicious appetizers as well. One of our most famous appetizers is our crab soup and crab bisque. When you have our appetizers catered we bring a 32 oz pot of either our crab soup or crab bisque. These warm soups will have your employees licking their bowls clean and asking for seconds. To make it easier for the soup to be prepared all you have to do is heat them up and it’s ready to be served.

Order Your Delicious Crab Cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Today!

With a lifetime of history alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Chef Michael Matassa proudly creates Eastern Shore Crab Cakes for you and your family to enjoy. From warming crab soups to our classic crab cakes, there is something delicious for everyone at Eastern Shore Crab Cakes this year. Order your delicious crab meat products online, and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more updates on your favorite Maryland crab dishes! We don’t cook, we create! Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!


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