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Essential Pairings with Maryland Crabs

Essential Pairings with Maryland Crabs

Eating blue crabs has become an essential part of living in Maryland. So have several pairings that go with crabs.

Maryland’s blue crabs are the go-to, must-have meal of the state. Even if you don’t like seafood, the sweet, protein-rich blue crab is worth a shot. Marylanders will eat this beautiful crustacean every year, all year, and so great is the occasion that it has its own festivals. With all the festivity, certain pairings with the blue crab have also become essential to the eating experience. Here’s the lowdown on what they are.

Old Bay Seasoning

Old Bay is the Maryland crab seasoning of which few have gone without hearing. This particularly crabby McCormick spice generously covers steamed blue crabs and enhances crab cake mixes, soups, and bisques. However, Old Bay cannot take all the credit for the perfect seasoning. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes mixes in the perfect blend of spices into their crab cakes for a choir of taste.


While beer is perhaps better consumed with crabs in a more casual setting, it is the perfect drink for how many Marylanders enjoy their crabs. For lazy summer afternoons and great get-togethers around brown paper-covered tables, some beers top the list. While the choices are fairly open, Natty-Bo taking the lead, some local choices do better than others. One notable beer called Dead Rise, brewed by Flying Dog Brewery in Frederick, MD, has Old Bay infused into it. 


If you are going for the more up-scale approach, choose a crisp, white wine to drink with your crab meat. Make sure to not choose one with a strong flavor that might overpower the gentle flavor of the crab.  


To have a truly well-rounded meal, crabs are best served with an array of complementary sides. Classics include steamed corn on the cob, watermelon, and coleslaw. Steamed vegetables and potato dishes will also give your stomach a warm, full feeling.

The Right Tools

If you are going with steamed crabs, crack your crab like a Marylander. Don’t use a wooden hammer; use the proper cracking and picking tools. This way, you will get out the most meat per crab.

The Right Forms

Not every Maryland crab you eat has to come with a claw and an eye. Maryland, particularly Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, does Maryland-style crab cakes like no other. The standards for the best crab cake in Maryland are high. In the mood for something lighter? Taste and see how good the Maryland crab soup and bisque are! 

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