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Fun Halloween Crab Meat Recipes

Fun Halloween Crab Meat Recipes

The Halloween party snack possibilities are endless when using crab meat.

Halloween is just around the corner. For a delicious Maryland Halloween party, you will most definitely want crab cakes or crab dip on your menu. As this is the holiday when most people dress up in costume, though, your dishes can also have a bit of fun. Below are a few ways to serve crab meat this Halloween.

Crab Meat as a Prop

One way to use food in a more creative way than usual is to present it as something it is not. For example, a regular bowl of crab dip could become the barf of a retching jack-o-lantern on a pedestal. This is the most famous example on the Internet. The crab dip could also be the moat surrounding a decorative or edible haunted house. If you are interested in making crab pretzels, you could even shape skull-shaped ones. Besides the crab meat, all you will need is the crackers or bread to go with it.

Crab Meat Characters

Besides using crab dip as a prop for a scene, you can also use crab meat in a similar way by using it as material to make a Halloween snack. Spiders, skulls, owls, bats, and more can have crab meat as one of their ingredients. Because crab meat, especially crab cake mix, has a malleable yet firm texture, you could create with this as easily as someone uses rice in a bento box. Instead of a box, you could use a cracker as a base for the crab cake, or just let it be its own base. You can use various materials to create ears, eyes, noses, mouths, and legs, such as pretzel sticks, carrots, peppers, black olives, etc. Simply making these treats can be a treat in and of itself. 

Eastern Shore Crab Cakes produces two different sizes of crab cake mix packages. These are pre-seasoned to perfection, so all you have to do is make the crab cakes whatever size you prefer, and follow the baking instructions.

Crab Meat the Regular Way

While crab meat has a myriad of possibilities for joining in the Halloween decorations, it is so tasty that it can do just as well as itself. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes not only offers crab cakes and crab cake mix, but crab dip, crab soup, and crab bisque as well. Better yet, you can order online to have your purchase shipped fresh and right to your door. With Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, your Halloween party can be both convenient and exceptionally delicious.

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