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Give the Gift of Maryland Crab Cakes

Give the Gift of Maryland Crab Cakes

Instead of gifting fruits or sweets this year, consider a fresh shipment of delicious Maryland crab cakes.

It is not yet Thanksgiving for the next two weeks, but we are all already thinking of what to get our close relations for Christmas. How long is your list? If you have family or friends living in-state or out-of-state, consider how giving the gift of Maryland crab cakes might be the present your loved ones will love!

Why Maryland Crab Cakes?

The Maryland blue crab is naturally delicious. It is even in its scientific name, Callinectes sapidus, which means beautiful, tasty swimmer. Blue crab is also healthy, with many vitamins and minerals and high protein. With taste and health combined—not to mention Chef Mike Matassa’s seasoning—Maryland crab cakes make a superb choice as a Christmas gift for any seafood-loving relative. As a staple of Maryland cuisine, these crab cakes are not just any crab cakes, but Maryland ones. 

In all, the gift of Maryland crab cakes encompasses the luxury of taste, the practical benefit of health, and the presentation of state pride. It also offers a fun experience for those who enjoy baking, and an easy time for those who just want simple cooking instructions. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes offers cakes that are pre-baked and only need heating, as well as crab cake mix, which comes uncooked. Both packages come with precise instructions on how to prepare. With crab cake mix, your recipient can form their cakes in whatever size they want. So, instead of sending a typical box of fruit or chocolates this year, send them an experience with impressively tasty results. 

The Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Shipping Process

It is easy to order any product online with Eastern Shore Crab Cakes. They offer 24-hour delivery Mondays through Thursdays, in which time one must place an order before 10 AM to have the product the following day. They guarantee that their crab products are always fresh and never frozen, ensuring the quality of the meat. Besides Maryland crab cakes, Eastern Shore CC also creates delicious crab dip, crab bisque, and Maryland crab soup. For any occasion, the gift of Maryland crab cakes is easy and impressive with Eastern Shore Crab Cakes.

Order Your Delicious Crab Creation from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Today!

With a lifetime of history alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Chef Michael Matassa proudly creates Eastern Shore Crab Cakes for you and your family to enjoy. From warming crab soups to our classic crab cakes, there is something delicious for everyone at Eastern Shore Crab Cakes this year. Order your delicious crab meat products online, and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more updates on your favorite Maryland crab dishes! We don’t cook, we create! Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!

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