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History of Maryland Crab Soup

History of Maryland Crab Soup

Fall in Maryland means Maryland crab soup. Find out how this traditional soup came to be.

As the crisp winds of fall blow across Maryland, we begin to transition into a warmer mindset, from the choice of clothes to décor to food. As we dwell within the middle of the harvest season, harvest foods come to mind. There’s nothing that sums them up like savory and healthful Maryland crab soup. Below is the outline of its history and how to enjoy it.

Native American Crock Pot

Native Americans cooked with blue crab long before settlers came to the New World. They would make multiple forms of crab dishes, and they may have created some version of blue crab soup in a communal pot, adding the diverse bounty of produce into one medley. 

Mix of Nations

Meanwhile, the multiple nations who crossed the Atlantic had their versions of a vegetable and meat soup. Each people group had their own flair. For example, Germans added a beef bone to their vegetable soup, while people living in the south added ham hocks. Blue crabs were not considered valuable at that time. They were the food of the poor and added to soups as a second choice. Over time, however, crab vegetable soup recipes developed and eventually became a more standard Maryland dish.

Basics of Maryland Crab Soup

All in all, Maryland crab soup today consists of several key features: a tomato base, vegetables, Old Bay, and blue crab. Carrots, tomatoes, corn, green beans, lima beans, celery, and onion are the typical vegetables. To have a really superb Maryland crab soup, one must have these fresh. Fresh blue crab is a hearty must. Some recipes add okra, barley, and rice as well.

Old Bay

One cannot mention Maryland crab soup without giving a nod to Old Bay. A common ingredient of the traditional soup today, Old Bay did not exist until 1939, when the German immigrant Gustav Bruun invented it. Once known as “Maryland curry,” this staple Maryland seasoning has been in the Maryland soup recipe for over six decades.

How to Enjoy

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