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History of the Maryland Crab Cake

History of the Maryland Crab Cake

Ever wondered where Maryland crab cakes came from? Read on for the real story!

The history of the Maryland crab cake goes farther back than one might expect. Crabcakes have come in diverse forms and cooked by diverse people. It is a delicacy to be enjoyed by all people throughout all history. At the end of the day, a Maryland crab cake is a staple cuisine of the state.

Ancient Origins

The notion of the crab cake begs the question of a myriad of other, related origins. What is the history of “the cake,” or the history of fried food (crab cakes are typically fried these days after all)? What is crab cake’s relation to the fritter, or the use of crabs by various nations and peoples? Did the Native Americans make crab cakes? While these are all questions answerable by deeper study, what we can know in a brief survey is that recipes for crab cake, while they may not necessarily look like what we have today, appeared in as early as the mid-1600s.

The 1800s

The 1800s were when more debate and more methods began to rise. Restaurants, newspapers, and recipe books tossed around the names of crab dishes such as hardshell crabs, deviled crabs, crab cutlets, crab patties, and crab cakes. Crabs could be boiled, grilled, fried, and more.

The 1930 Name

Among the Internet articles one may peruse about the crab cake’s history, one may read repeatedly that the name “crab cake” did not come about until the mention of a “Baltimore crab cake” in Crosby Gaige’s New York World’s Fair Cookbook. As records show, this is not true. However, it may show how prominent Baltimore was as a center, or the center, of crab cakes.

Up to Today

Through the 20th century, the crab industry developed further. The types of meat within a crab were classified and ranked in desirability. Lump, jumbo lump, and backfin fought neck-in-neck to be the top meat. Today, these words are used more interchangeably, and all-lump crab cakes are a prized dish to savor.


At the end of the day, crab cakes are all made basically the same way: get your crab meat, add your binder (typically a beaten egg), add your seasonings, form into crab balls, and cook whatever way you want. Some of the best kinds of crab cake are the ones made at home. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes is the resource you’ll want!

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