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How Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Stands Out from the Rest with a Delicious Maryland Delicacy

Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!

Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!

It’s no question that crab cakes are Maryland delicacy, as our state is known for our delicious crab meat and delectable crab dishes. For decades, restaurants throughout the state have attempted to capture the best quality and flavor of a classic Maryland crab cake. However, there is a considerable difference between the best of Maryland crab meat and all others. For Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, our difference is our quality crab meat and the tradition by which it is prepared. Consider the many ways in which Eastern Shore Crab Cakes stand out from the rest.

Quality Crab Meat for Every Cake

Any crab cake lover in Maryland will tell you that the quality of the crab meat makes all the difference for a crab cake. At Eastern Shore Crab Cakes, Chef Matassa creates his delicious crab cakes with sweet lump crab meat to craft a hearty and flavorful cake. With large pieces of lump crab meat in each crab cake, every bite holds a delicious taste of Maryland’s best.

Flavorful Seasonings and Fresh Ingredients

In addition to the delicious lump crab meat in each crab cake, Eastern Shore Crab Cakes are created with flavorful seasonings and fresh ingredients. By using quality crab meat and fresh flavor to craft each cake, Eastern Shore Crab Cakes provides a flavorful, memorable meal with every order. From classic crab cakes to crab dip and soups, Eastern Shore Crab Cakes uses only the best ingredients to give you the best Maryland crab cake experience.

Creating Each Crab Cake with Tradition

One aspect of Eastern Shore Crab Cakes that separates us from the rest is that we create each crab cake with tradition in mind. With Chef Matassa’s roots as a Maryland native, his time spent with his grandfather on the Chesapeake Bay taught him the tradition of picking crabs, using every bit of flavorful meat for each dish. While there are many other crab cakes throughout Maryland, very few offer the ties to tradition and family history that founded Eastern Shore Crab Cakes.

Order Your Delicious Crab Cake Mix from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Today!

With a lifetime of history alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Chef Michael Matassa proudly creates Eastern Shore Crab Cakes for you and your family to enjoy. From warming crab soups to our classic crab cakes, there is something delicious for everyone at Eastern Shore Crab Cakes this year. Order your delicious crab meat products online, and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more updates on your favorite Maryland crab dishes! We don’t cook, we create! Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!

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