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How to Create Appetizers or Entrees with Crab Mix by Eastern Shore Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

With our famous Crab Cake Mix, you’ll be able to create our delicious crab ball appetizers and our famous crab cakes for any dinner party your about to throw.

Here at Eastern Shore Crab Cakes were of course known for our famous crab cakes, but the thing that takes our crab cakes to the next level is our famous Crab Cake Mix.  The thing that makes our mix even more special is its versatility. Not only is our mixed-used in our crab cakes but you can also create appetizers that can be served at your next family gathering or get-together with friends. In this post, we will tell you how you can create appetizers or entrees using our crab cake mix that will have your guests licking their plates clean and asking for seconds.  


Not only is our Crab Cake Mix used in our famous crab cakes, but simultaneously, we use the mix to create our crab ball appetizers. These delectable bites of crab meat can be a savory appetizer for any event; also, they can be an excellent alternative snack during baseball season.  These crab balls provide the perfect finger food and can be prepared quite easily. All you have to do is roll the crab meat into our mix, shape into balls and then bake. Add a little cheese to add even more flavor to your appetizer.   

Main Course

Having a crab cake dinner, especially during the warmer seasons is such a Maryland thing to do. With our Crab Cake Mix, your dinner guests will be asking for the recipe by the night’s end. Using 32 oz of your delicious lump crab meat and our crab cake mix, you can craft four 8oz crab cakes. There are a few different ways of preparing crab cakes, either you could fry them or broil them in the oven. You can use any sauce of your choice whether you choose cocktail or tartar sauce. Also, don’t forget to pair your crab cakes with a side dish of your choosing.  


No matter the crab dish you decide to create having a dinner party is an excellent excuse to cook one. To make any crab meat creation, our Crab Cake Mix is an ideal ingredient to start seasoning your crab meat. If you want any more inspiration of how to cook with our Crab Cake Mix, check out our instruction videos where we go over the process of making our famous crab cakes step by step.

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