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How to Host a Dinner Party

How to Host a Dinner Party

Prepare and host your dinner party through five simple steps,

Hosting a dinner party can seem intimidating at first, especially if you are not the most social person, or if it is your first time. There is no need to be nervous. Through the following five steps, you can host with ease and provide a wonderful dinner for all.

Choose Your Guests

If you are not used to hosting that many people, it is a good idea to start small, about three to six guests. To keep the social atmosphere the least awkward and the most forgiving, you can invite some close friends or a group of couples. Along with your closest friends, you can introduce one or two people who your other friends have not yet met. Because this is a dinner party, make sure you are capable of feeding all of them.

Invite At the Right Time

You don’t want to send the invitation too early that no one remembers when the time comes, nor too late that your guests’ schedules are all full. About three weeks in advance is a good time to invite. Be sure to specify the dress code as well, if you are going for a fancier get-together.

Prepare the Menu

In the meantime, you may have had ideas for what to serve months before sending the invitation. No? No problem. You have plenty of time to select a menu and gather the ingredients. Making a list of the dishes and their ingredients can help make your planning easier. If you have more guests than you can cook for, you can have your guests bring various side dishes. Different guests can sign up to bring different items, like a salad, an appetizer, and a side. As it is dinner, don’t forget to include wine as an option.

Set the Table

This likely is something you already know to do, but setting the table makes a big impact. Choose your dishware, whether they are disposable plates and plastic cups, or are your mother’s china (if she’s fine with that.) Make it look nice; add some fresh flowers or just keep a pleasing color scheme.

Clean the House

Welcome your guests into a neat and tidy home. Clean the kitchen and the bathrooms. Declutter the areas where your guests will most likely hang out before and after the dinner. Prepare for after-dinner cleanup by having an empty dishwasher. Then, enjoy! 

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