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Maryland Blue Crab Population Rises in 2019

Maryland Blue Crab Population Rises in 2019

Maryland blue crabs are on the rise! Here’s the history, factors, and recent state of the blue crab population.

Blue crabs are one of Maryland’s greatest pride and joys, a delicacy and scrumptious seafood for any meal of the day. If anyone lives in or visits Maryland, blue crab is the treat they should eat. However, concerns about overfishing and the overall health of the Bay may cause hesitation for those interested in partaking of the divine crustacean. Recent news says there is nothing to fear. Don’t hold back; the blue crab population in Maryland is relatively stable, and is healthier than ever this year.

Blue Crab Population History

The Maryland blue crab has been around this area longer than we can likely ever be able to tell. The population within the last thirty years has had its dramatic lows and highs, yet each high point is an increase of the previous. Female crabs are especially crucial to the population. In 1991, the female crab population rose to 227 million, in 2011 it reached 246 million, and in 2018-2019 the survey recorded 254 million females, the highest level ever. While the population dipped to its lowest in 1999 and again in 2014, improved conditions are clearly visible.

Blue Crab Population Factors

While human interaction has a direct impact on the wellbeing of the crab community, other major factors affect their numbers which cannot be helped. The weather plays a huge role. A mild winter and a gradually-warming spring are the healthiest conditions for the blue crab. Likewise, coastal currents, water quality, and weather patterns affect their reproduction. Mankind can help by ensuring that there is no over-fishing of neighboring species and no destruction of the natural underwater habitat. 

Blue Crabs Today

Along with those precautions, regulating the crabbing activities helps to regulate the numbers. Female-specific regulations were implemented in 2008, resulting in a doubling of female blue crabs in the next decade. Today, we have the result of a total 60% population increase for both the female and juvenile populations, an estimated 594 million crabs.

With these results and the history in the back of our minds, we know that we can safely enjoy our classic crab without hurting the population. Crabbing season is from April through December. Therefore, let’s get some Maryland blue crabs and share with friends and family!

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