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Maryland Crab vs. Cream of Crab Soup

Maryland Crab vs. Cream of Crab Soup

Tomato-based or cream? Both types of crab soup are excellent choices to enjoy this winter.

The winter months are when we usually spend most of our time indoors. It’s the time to enjoy hot drinks, hot food, and more than any other time of year, hot soup. With soup, everyone has their favorites; some like it full of different ingredients, while some like it simple and smooth. In Maryland, crab soup generally comes in two forms: Maryland crab and cream of crab. Each has its perks and is something to consider enjoying this time of year.

Maryland Crab Soup

Maryland crab soup’s history reaches back as far as the colonial times. It may be the case that blue crabs were a cheap food option when the voyagers first arrived, and the Native Americans may already have been throwing them in communal soups. It is a hearty, tomato-based soup that comes chock-full with healthy vegetables, including lima beans, onions, cabbage, potatoes, and corn. While some Maryland crab soup cooks of Baltimore emphasize the crispness of the vegetables, Eastern Shore Crab Cakes also recognizes the importance of the soup stock. They make their broth with ham hocks for an even heartier blend.

Cream of Crab Soup

Cream of crab soup, meanwhile, can truly be divine. If you are a fan of New England clam chowder, cream of crab soup is right up your alley. This soup came to be later in history but is just as good as its tomato-based counterpart. Some may disagree, favoring the original. Some prefer creaminess while others are not a fan, but paired with dry sherry or dry white wine or served on its own, cream of crab soup is a real treat any time of year for those who enjoy it. A good crab bisque is smooth but contains chunks of premium blue crab meat and sometimes chopped-up celery as well. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes offers a recipe with sherry and herbs that they have developed over the last 20 years.

Enjoy It at Home

You don’t have to leave your house or seek out a fancy restaurant to find supreme crab soup of either kind. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes offers their fantastic soups online. If you order on Mondays through Thursdays before 10 AM, you can have your shipment delivered fresh to your door by the next day. Their products are always fresh and never frozen. You can also choose the amount of soup you would like, either 16 oz. or 32. oz. This way, if you want to host a dinner party and have enough soup to go around, you are in the clear. 

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