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Our Difference


Chef Michael grew up crabbing on his grandfather’s [Alfred Billman] boat, “the Periwinkle” which was kept at Raleigh’s Marina in Middle River. A day on the Chesapeake Bay meant learning the right way to bait and set the crab pots in the early morning hours. As the crab pots filled, Michael and his grandfather would spend the day fishing in the Chesapeake waiting in anticipation of the crabs they would soon bring home.  After pulling in their bounty, the two would head back to the homestead to start seasoning and steaming process. Waiting for the transformation from brilliant blue to fiery red the crabs were ready to pick. Learning the art of picking to capture all the delicate sweet meat meant nothing went to waste. After the family crab feast, the picking continued for the next day’s crab cakes and soup. Today, Chef Matassa carries on these deep-rooted traditions.

This is why We Don’t Cook We Create!