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What Makes a Maryland Crab Cake Different

What Makes a Maryland Crab Cake Different

Maryland crab cakes aren’t the only crab cake around. What makes them unique?

Maryland crab cakes are a delicacy even native Marylanders find particularly special. Contrary to popular belief, though, Maryland is not the only state or region that makes crab cakes. The Louisiana crab cake and the New England crab cake also make up part of the seafood map. But what makes Maryland crab cakes unique? Here are the characteristics of a Maryland crab cake that cannot be mistaken for any other kind.

Made With Blue Crab Meat

First of all, a Maryland crab cake would be a complete fake if it was not made of the most used kind of meat if not the only: blue crab meat. The blue crab grows prolifically in the Chesapeake Bay and connecting rivers and estuaries. The blue crab is particularly high in protein. It is most known for its blue-gray shell, which turns bright red after it is cooked.

Seasonings and Mixings

This is a mixed territory. While Old bay seasoning is the number one spice to any Maryland crab product, other regions, specifically New England, may also use Old Bay. However, Maryland crab cakes tend to avoid other types of seasonings, such as creole or cajun.

Maryland crab cakes also have a limited amount of other ingredients added in, such as onions, celery, and peppers. Often, they are not mixed with vegetables and only contain the jumbo lump crab meat with little to no filler, besides the spices.

No Breading

Often in other crab cake recipes, you will see crab cakes that are breaded, perhaps with panko bread crumbs. The crab cakes may look more similar to potato pancakes. In Maryland, the meat is generally shaped into a ball and perhaps coated in clarified butter after it is cooked.

Cooking Method

Speaking of cooking, while some types of crab cakes are deep-fried, Eastern Shore Crab Cakes has them baked. Baking is the more usual method, whether in a regular oven or a convection oven. 

For Marylanders, it is easy to get a bit stuffy over having “the best” crab cake. No doubt, the sweet blue crab prepared with simple, even traditional ingredients and baked to perfection deserves its merit. Even so, crab is a complex-flavored meat that one can enjoy in a variety of styles. 

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