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Why Order Crab Meat Online

Why Order Crab Meat Online

You don’t have to only get your crab cakes at a restaurant or frozen at the grocery. Order online!

When in Maryland, we eat crab cakes. However, even Marylanders are always on the lookout for the best and easiest ways to find that perfect crab cake. Restaurants are the typical venue, but sometimes it is nice to prepare them in the convenience of your home without the hassle. Here are four reasons why online is a fantastic way to order the best crab cake meat ever.

No Need to Travel

As mentioned above, ordering online saves you the need to drive out to town. Why should crab cakes only be available in a restaurant, or frozen in the grocery store? Eastern Shore Crab Cakes never freezes their fresh crab meat, and delivers your order straight to your door. You can enjoy and serve exquisite crab cakes in the comfort of your own home.

Get It When You Need It

With ordering online, you also are able to get what you need when you need it. Because crab meat comes fresh to your door, you will want to order it not too long before serving it at a party or get-together. Eastern Shore Crab Cakes recommends consuming the products 2-3 days after receiving them. They only ship through FedEx Priority shipping. You can order Monday through Thursday for overnight shipping. Be aware, however, that they do not ship products on Saturdays and Sundays nor on holidays.

Know-how to Prep the Meal

Each product comes with clear instructions on how to cook or warm up the products. You can purchase either the crab meat mix or pre-made crab cakes. With the crab meat mix, you can form the crab cakes into as big or small a lump as you desire. With the instructions on the package, as well as available in video form on their website, you can be confident that you are doing it right.

Prepared by the Chef

One of the best reasons to order online is that, at least at Eastern Shore CC, they season the meat for you. As a professional chef, Chef Mike Matassa’s formula is the perfect blend. You don’t need to add a thing! All you have to worry about is what sides you’d like best to go with it.

Order Your Delicious Crab Creation from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes Today!

With a lifetime of history alongside the Chesapeake Bay, Chef Michael Matassa proudly creates Eastern Shore Crab Cakes for you and your family to enjoy. From warming crab soups to our classic crab cakes, there is something delicious for everyone at Eastern Shore Crab Cakes this year. Order your delicious crab meat products online, and visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn for more updates on your favorite Maryland crab dishes! We don’t cook, we create! Get your delicious crab cakes from Eastern Shore Crab Cakes today!

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